Summer Dance Awards 2014

KdKids Shining Stars!

2014 Regional Competition Awards

Platinum Dance Convention

Heather Walsh – Lyrical Excellence Award (Petite)
Cadence Miller – Lyrical Excellence Award (Junior)
Hailey Rose Walsh – Ballet Excellence Award (Junior)
Camilla Crenshaw – Apprenticeship Scholarship (Junior)
Arianna Pruitt – Ballet Excellence Award (Senior)
Hailey Rose Walsh – Broadway Dance Center Scholarship

DanceMakers, Inc.


Laney Parks – Miss Junior High Score
Hailey Rose Walsh – Miss Pre-teen High Score
Catherine Saunders – Miss Teen, 3rd Runner Up
Raeleigh Swann – Miss Teen, 1st Runner Up
Arianna Pruitt – Nationals Convention Scholarship

Access Broadway


Congratulations to kdKids at the Access Broadway, Panama City event. At Convention, EVERY ONE OF OUR DANCERS was an audition finalist!

Camilla Crenshaw – Tap High Score Pre-teen Diva Level, Audition Winner, Averie Gilley – Audition Finalist
Sarah Jackson – Audition Finalist
Cadence Miller – Audition Finalist
Arianna Pruitt – Jazz High Score Teen Diva Level, Audition Winner
Destyni Stovall – Audition Winner
Raeleigh Swann – Tap High Score Teen Diva Level, Audition Winner
Reagan Tolbert, Audition Finalist
Hailey Rose Walsh – Jazz High Score Pre-teen Diva Level, Broadway Star recipient – Best Dancer 12&under Diva Divison, Audition Winner
Heather Walsh – Jazz High Score 8 and Under Debut Level, Broadway Star – Best Dancer recipient 12&under Debut Division, Audition Finalist

Dance Educators of America


Camilla Crenshaw – 4th Place Overall Pre-Teen, TWO Title Nomination, National Convention Scholarship winner, Musical Theatre Intensive Scholarship winner
Drake Dombroski – Title Nomination
Averie Gilley – Nationals Qualified
Sarah Jackson – Nationals Qualified
Cadence Miller – Title Nomination
Arianna Pruitt – 4th Place Overall Teen, Title Nomination, Power of Dance Award Recipient, Musical Theatre Intensive Scholarship winner
Catherine Saunders – Nationals Qualified
Destyni Stovall – Nationals Qualified
Raeleigh Swann – Title Nomination, Musical Theatre Intensive Scholarship nominee
Reagan Tolbert – Title Nomination
Hailey Rose Walsh – 1st and 3rd Overall Pre-Teen, TWO Title Nomination, National Convention Scholarship , Ballet Intensive Scholarship winner, Special Judges Award
Heather Walsh – 1st Place Overall Small Fry, Title Nomination, National Convention Scholarship winner

2013 National Competition Awards

Four Nationals in 6 weeks!
What were we thinking? Oh, that’s right – we came to DANCE!

Platinum Dance: Panama City Beach, Fl

Winner Recreational Petite Soloist – Laney Parks
Winner Recreational Junior Soloist – Reagan Tolbert
Top 7 Intermediate Junior Soloist – Cadence Miller
Winner Elite Junior Soloist – Hailey Rose Walsh
Top 10 Intermediate Teen Soloist – Arianna Pruitt
Winner Recreational Petite Small Group – Makes Me Wanna Dance

Top 4 Intermediate Junior Small Group – Locomotion

Winner Intermediate Teen Small Group – Fighter
Top 7 Intermediate Teen Small Group – I Won’t Dance


Makes Me Wanna Dance
Camilla Crenshaw – Pennsylvania 6-5000
Cadence Miller – That Man
The Fighter
I Won’t Dance


Laney Parks, Reagan Tolbert, Locomotion, The Fighter

DanceMakers Inc: Myrtle Beach, SC

3rd Runner up, Preteen Soloist – Hailey Rose Walsh

Scholarship Winners – Camilla Crenshaw, Hailey Rose Walsh

Audition Winner – Arianna Pruitt

Elite Dance Cup: Panama City Beach, FL

Top Recreational Petite Soloist – Laney Parks

Dance Educators of America: Las Vegas, NV

1st Runner Up, Small Fry Title – Pacific Avenue, Laney Parks
1st Runner Up, Junior Title – Pennsylvania 6-5000, Camilla Crenshaw
1st Runner Up, Preteen Title – New York City, Hailey Rose Walsh
3rd Runner Up, Preteen Title – Skyscraper, Arianna Pruitt

2nd place, Preteen – Sunny Side of the Street, Hailey Rose Walsh
4th place, Junior – Diamonds, Camilla Crenshaw

Scholarship Recipients (our dancers received scholarships for both Regionals 2013-14 and Nationals, 2014) – Camilla Crenshaw, Laney Parks, Arianna Pruitt, Hailey Rose Walsh

Audition Winner – Arianna Pruitt

Summer Dance Awards 2012

Congratulations to Raeleigh Swann and Cadence Miller for earning Overall Junior High Score (Raeleigh-left) and Overall Petite High Score (Cadence-right) at Elite Dance Cup Nationals in Panama City Beach, Florida.

John Hoofman danced his way to 1st Runner-Up, Mr. Pre-teen Starmaker, at the DanceMakers National Competition in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Also at DanceMakers in Myrtle Beach, Hailey Rose Walsh placed 3rd Runner-Up in the Miss Pre-teen Starmaker.

Congratulations also goes out to Hailey Rose, who attended the Pensacola State College Summer Dance Workshop in June. She was awarded the Al Gilbert Tap Award and received a scholarship to attend the 2013 Summer Intensive Program at Joffrey Ballet School in New York City.


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