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The Kelly School of Dance offers an extensive curriculum of dance classes specifically designed to fully train the student from the Pre-Dance level to Advanced levels. Individual attention is given to each student in all classes to provide correct technical development and to encourage personal progress.

Our Philosophy is to create an atmosphere for the student that is both enjoyable and disciplined; to instill an appreciation of the performing arts through education and experience; to familiarize the student with classical and contemporary music and dance repertoire; and to produce a well-organized creative person, as well as an accomplished dancer.

Dance, especially when introduced during the growing years, contributes significantly to physical & motor development, grace, poise and self-reliance. Performance on stage and association with other young people contribute strongly to personality development and growth of self-confidence.

Kathy Burk

Founder / Director Kathy Burk has over thirty years accumulated performing and teaching experience, as well as a vast technical background acquired in her years of ongoing training. Ms. Burk comes from a long line of dancers. Her parents were accomplished dancers and teachers, as well as her uncle, the late-great Gene Kelly. She is also a member of Dance Educators of America and the Professional Dance Teachers Association.


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